Causes and Treatments of Headache when you have a Cold or Flu

A common symptom for cold or flu is a headache which can be caused by congestion (blocked nose, sinusitis) or it can simply be one of the ways our body tries to tell us to rest and save all our energy to fight infection.

Symptoms such as headaches (along with fever, muscle aches, tiredness and loss of appetite) are caused by the release of chemicals called cytokines that circulate in the blood along with the white cells and try to fight off the infection. If the body releases a lot of cytokines these symptoms can become more pronounced.

Treating a headache associated with
a cold or the flu

Most cold and flu remedies contain a pain reliever that will target a headache and provide quick, effective relief. Talk to your pharmacist about all of your symptoms as there are remedies that contain paracetamol and some that contain ibuprofen, they will be able to advise which would be most appropriate for you.


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