Lemsip Guide to Flu

The more we understand about flu, the more we can do to try and avoid it in the first place, and treat symptoms as best we can if we are unlucky enough to catch it.

The Flu – what is it?

Like a common cold, the flu is caused by a virus which infects the respiratory tract (i.e. the nose, throat, lungs). Although a cold and the flu share a lot of the same symptoms, ask anyone who has had flu and they will tell you - it's not the same. The flu can be quite severe, and leave you feeling low for weeks.

Unfortunately there is no cure for flu and although there is a flu vaccination (flu jab), by the time you feel the shivery onset, it's too late for the vaccine.

Antibiotics won't help either, because flu is caused by a virus. Your best bet is to get as much rest as you can, keep hydrated and reach for a tried and trusted flu remedy such as the remedies specifically made to tackle the symptoms of flu.

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