Home Hygiene

Germs can be found everywhere. However clean your home looks, germs tend to be so miniscule and undetectable by the human eye that they can still be lurking.

When you think that these germs can survive on hard surfaces such as doorknobs and handrails around the home for about 24 hours, and on soft surfaces such as upholstery and bedding for 20 minutes you'll appreciate that maintaining high standards of home hygiene is an uphill and constant task. However, there are lots of cleaning products on the market now that claim to wipe out up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

The top tip that comes up again and again is to wash your hands and cover up coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues. If the germs aren't encouraged into the home, it is easier to protect your family.

Top tips:

If you have babies/toddlers around

  • Look for an antibacterial cleaning product that is safe to use on all baby equipment (highchairs, potties, changing mats, toys) and use it regularly.
  • As babies and toddlers begin to make their own way around don't forget to ensure the floor is particularly clean and germ-free and get down to their level once in a while to see what else might need a clean that little inquisitive fingers can get to.
  • Take antibacterial wipes and hand gels with you when you go out so that all of your good work at home isn't compromised when you go out.

In the kitchen

  • Look for antibacterial cleaning products that leave no taint or odour. A reduced chemical formula means you can use it in food preparation areas, as well other on tables and high chairs.
  • Use hot water to wash up or a hot setting on the dishwasher to help kill any germs and don't forget to wipe down less obvious surfaces too – not just worktops and tables but chopping boards, refrigerators and microwaves

In the bathroom

  • Regularly use an antibacterial cleaning product to target baths, washbasins, toilet seats and shower curtains. For 'in between' cleans, keep a pack of antibacterial wipes to hand
  • Don't forget to wipe down door knobs, toilet flush handles, taps and shower handles.

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