Staying Healthy

Adults can expect to catch between 2-5 colds every year, lasting up to two weeks each. That can mean feeling under the weather for over two months of the year, just because of the common cold.

On the following pages that follow we offer various tips for avoiding cold and flu viruses and other germs at work, school, while travelling and in the home.

There are a few golden rules we could all benefit from in a bid to avoiding germs in general and staying healthy:

  • Eat Right – a balanced diet including lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Get a good night's sleep – less than 7 hours a night greatly raises the risk of catching a cold
  • Exercise - people who exercise regularly are less likely to get colds
  • Avoid stress – there's a lot of evidence to suggest that stress can influence our susceptibility to infection – probably because of the surge of corticosteroid hormones that make us less resistant to infection.
  • Wash your hands.

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